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          30TON WEDGE JACK

           • Equipped with double acting ram, pump and hoses

          • Special steel case for clean storage and handy carry

          • Easy to use and protect the floor without scrap

          • Efficient operation for both pushing and lifting

          • Lifting range from 6mm to 34mm, enough clearance for toe jack to insert

          • Double acting system for accurate lifting and descend


          Model No.  JL-10130

          Capacity             30 ton
          Wedge Min.Height   6 mm
          Wedge Max.Height   34 mm
          Toe Lengh           40 mm
          Toe Width          53 mm
          ■Power Wedge Ass’y Length  677 mm
          ■Power Wedge Ass’y Height  137 mm
          ■Power Wedge Ass’y Width  87 mm
          ■Ram Stroke       150 mm
          Effective Oil Capacity  208 ml


          39 kg


          Hand Pump Specification

          Max.Pressure        70 Mpa
          Oil output per stroke  3.29 ml
          Effective oil capacity  900 ml
          Weight  8.8 Kgs